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Courses available

Biennio Accademico di II Livello ordinamentale

At the end of the studies related to the second level Academic Diploma, the student must have broadened the knowledge of the techniques and specific skills already acquired in the first level three-year period and must be able, on the basis of such advanced knowledge, to concretely realize his own artistic idea. To this end, particular emphasis will be placed on the study of the most representative ensemble repertoire for the instrument and the related performance practices, with the aim of developing the student's ability to interact within differently composed musical groups. These objectives must be achieved by expanding the perceptive (listening, memorization, tuning), communicative (gestures, reflection, discussion), collaborative (organization, group support) skills and with the acquisition of specific knowledge relating to organizational, compositional and analytical models. of music and their interaction. At the end of the two-year course, the student must have acquired an in-depth knowledge of the general stylistic, historical and aesthetic aspects relating to their specific address. Finally, as a learning result of an advanced study cycle, he is expected to have developed those learning skills, competences and critical awareness that allow him to continue studying mostly independently.

There are 5 paths:
- bowed instrument (modern course)
- wind instrument (modern course)
- piano / other instrument (modern course)
- early music
- jazz.


Mandatory courses

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