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At the bottom of the page, in the ATTACHMENTS section, some useful modules for students are published.

It should be noted that for requests for the attribution of credits relating to the Department of Theory, Analysis and Musicology (as per the Department's resolution):

1. The request for accreditation of a previously carried out training activity must be presented by means of official documentation, complete with the study program (for History of music I and II, Aesthetics of music, Tools and methods of musical bibliographic research, Music video writing , music theory, musical semiography I and II), program and bibliography (for musical dramaturgy, history of musical theater I and II, analysis of poetic forms) or repertoire (for reading the score) or any other elements useful for evaluating the course content.

2. Training activities carried out more than 10 years before the accreditation request will be considered obsolete. The student will be required to attend the respective study courses, unless otherwise agreed by the individual teachers who will evaluate the opportunity to totally or partially exempt from attendance. In any case, the student will have to take the verification test.


Artistic News

03 feb 2024

Vespri in Cattedrale - V edizione

3-24 febbraio 2024 Cattedrale di Verona
11 jan 2024

Exhibition "Callas e Verona. La nascita della Divina"

12 january - 28 march 2024 via Massalongo 2
28 oct 2023

Giornata della musica contemporanea 2023

Sabato 28 ottobre 2023 Società Letteraria di Verona

Didactic News

28 mar 2024

Easter 2024

Easter 2024 Buidings
14 mar 2024

Notices Erasmus for students, teachers and staff

31 genn / 17 febb 2023 - - - -

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