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The Conservatory “E. F. Dall'Abaco” enriches its didactic offer by proposing single courses, free courses, musical training laboratories open to internal and external students in possession of the required requisites.

Single courses are activated in the reference academic year and present in the first and second level academic diploma study plans. These are exclusively collective, group or laboratory courses. It is possible to enroll in them, with the prior authorization of the Director, without the obligation to enroll in a course of study. Upon attendance of 80% of the lessons and passing an exam, they release the credits relating to the course followed.

Free-standing modules ("free courses") are activated during/throughout the academic year of reference but not linked to the official study programmes. The requests will be examined on an individual basis by the Director and the Professor concerned: the Conservatory reserves the right to organise an entrance exam. Verona Conservatory offers packets of 15 hours of lessons which can be taken regularly throughout the academic year, or in any other combination. Enrolment is usually subject to participation in at least two internal conservatory projects. For detailed information, kindly write to E-mail to

Finally, during the academic year, the Conservatory activates collective workshops (also in the form of Masterclasses) also open to external students and about which information is given via the institutional website.

Free courses and laboratories issue a certificate of attendance.

Artistic News

02 dec 2023

Vespri in Cattedrale - V edizione

2-23 dicembre 2023 Cattedrale di Verona
28 oct 2023

Giornata della musica contemporanea 2023

Sabato 28 ottobre 2023 Società Letteraria di Verona
21 jun 2023

Concerti del Chiostro 2023

21 june - 15 july 2023 Cloister

Didactic News

16 dec 2023

Internationalization Day - Erasmus+ Day 2023-24

Saturday 16th december 2023 Salone di Casa Boggian
16 nov 2023

BIP - Blended Intensive Programmes

a.a. 2023-2024 - - - -
09 nov 2023

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