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The "E. F. Dall'Abaco" Conservatory carries out its teaching activities in two locations.


The sede centrale/headquarter is located in Palazzo Giuliari in via Abramo Massalongo 2, next to the historic basilica of Santa Anastasia (13th century).
045.8002814 or 045.8009133

The building, originally belonging to the convent complex of the basilica, was radically transformed in the early nineteenth century and given the current facade designed in 1810 by the architect Bartolomeo Giuliari.
In the headquarter there are: the cloister, where prestigious concerts are held in the summer season; 30 classrooms; the Paolo Rigoli Library; the Auditorium Nuovo Montemezzi capable of holding 150 people; the Management and the Secretarial offices. There are also some classrooms named after personalities who have particularly distinguished themselves in the history of the institution: Aula Spezzaferri (16), Aula Begal (History of music) and Aula Zardini (24).
How to get to via Massalongo: the building is located next to the Basilica of Sant'Anastasia located at the end of the long decumanus that goes up from Porta Borsari to the Basilica (Corso Porta Borsari and then Corso Sant'Anastasia). Porta Borsari (8-10 minutes on foot from the Conservatory) can be reached by bus from Verona Porta Nuova Station (n. 21-22-23-24-41-42-61)..


Casa Boggian

The second location, called Casa Boggian, is in Stradone San Fermo 28

Between the 1930s and 1960s, Palazzo Boggian was the site of a famous Veronese cultural salon. The hosts Umberto and Clara Boggian used to offer their guests high-level literary and musical evenings, to which they invited some of the greatest concert performers of the time: Arthur Rubinstein, Nicanor Zabaleta, Andrés Segovia, Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, Nikita Magaloff, Gaspar Cassadò, Joseph Szigeti and many others. Upon her death in 1964, Clara Boggian wanted to leave her home to the city, however binding it to the perpetual use of the didactic, musical and cultural activities of the then "Dall'Abaco" Liceo Musicale. The branch office of Casa Boggian, preserved intact in the elegant Liberty imprint given also to the interiors of the building by the restoration carried out in 1928 by the architect Ettore Fagiuoli, remains today a prestigious representative space for the Conservatory, used as a teaching venue, in particular for the Early Music Department, and for concert activities, conferences and study seminars.
How to get to Stradone San Fermo: the buiding is located at the beginning of the Stradone a few hundred meters from Piazza Bra (Arena). It can be reached by bus from Verona Porta Nuova Station (n. 11-12-13-51-73).


Artistic News

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3-24 febbraio 2024 Cattedrale di Verona
11 jan 2024

Exhibition "Callas e Verona. La nascita della Divina"

12 january - 28 march 2024 via Massalongo 2
28 oct 2023

Giornata della musica contemporanea 2023

Sabato 28 ottobre 2023 Società Letteraria di Verona

Didactic News

28 mar 2024

Easter 2024

Easter 2024 Buidings
14 mar 2024

Notices Erasmus for students, teachers and staff

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