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The Conservatory, as required by the ► Statuto (art. 2, c. 8), "pursues its goals also through agreements and forms of association with other public and private entities, in accordance with Law no. 508/99". There are therefore numerous forms of partnership signed over time and aimed at the growth of teaching, production and research.

International partners for Erasmus+, WWM+ and other projects
The Conservatory has more than 50 partnerships with international institutions: ► list
Territorial institutional partners
The Conservatory
♦ is member of Consorzio "Verona Accademia per l'Opera", Polo Nazionale Artistico di Alta Specializzazione sul Teatro Musicale e Coreutico (► VAO).
♦ signed an agreement with University of Verona, Academy of Fine Arts of Verona, Theological Faculty of Triveneto: convenzione
♦ signed an agreement with Conservatory of Brescia for the creation of integrated music therapy courses: convenzione (link to Conservatorio di Brescia)
♦ signed an agreement with University of Verona for the program of Music Therapy and Biennium DCSL72: convenzione.
Territorial partners
Liceo musicale Montanari di Verona: convenzione (october 2022)
Liceo musicale Campostrini di Verona: convenzione (october 2022)
♦ Federazione Cori Alto Adige: convenzione (january 2023)
Istituto Fortunata Gresner: convenzione (february 2023)
♦ AMBAC Verona (Associazione delle Bande Musicali, degli Assiemi e dei complessi vari): convenzione (april 2023)
Agreements are being finalized with local music schools for basic and preparatory courses

Artistic News

02 dec 2023

Vespri in Cattedrale - V edizione

2-23 dicembre 2023 Cattedrale di Verona
28 oct 2023

Giornata della musica contemporanea 2023

Sabato 28 ottobre 2023 Società Letteraria di Verona
21 jun 2023

Concerti del Chiostro 2023

21 june - 15 july 2023 Cloister

Didactic News

16 dec 2023

Internationalization Day - Erasmus+ Day 2023-24

Saturday 16th december 2023 Salone di Casa Boggian
16 nov 2023

BIP - Blended Intensive Programmes

a.a. 2023-2024 - - - -
09 nov 2023

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