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The Conservatory, as required by the ► Statuto (art. 2, c. 8), "pursues its goals also through agreements and forms of association with other public and private entities, in accordance with Law no. 508/99". There are therefore numerous forms of partnership signed over time and aimed at the growth of teaching, production and research.

International partners for Erasmus+, WWM+ and other projects
The Conservatory has more than 50 partnerships with international institutions: ► list
Territorial institutional partners
The Conservatory
♦ is member of Consorzio "Verona Accademia per l'Opera", Polo Nazionale Artistico di Alta Specializzazione sul Teatro Musicale e Coreutico (► VAO).
♦ signed an agreement, renewed in december 2023, with University of Verona, Academy of Fine Arts of Verona, Theological Faculty of Triveneto: convenzione
♦ signed an agreement with Conservatory of Brescia for the creation of integrated music therapy courses: convenzione (link to Conservatorio di Brescia)
♦ signed an agreement with University of Verona for the program of Music Therapy and Biennium DCSL72: convenzione.
Territorial partners
Liceo musicale Montanari di Verona: convenzione (october 2022)
Liceo musicale Campostrini di Verona: convenzione (october 2022)
♦ Educandato Agli Angeli di Verona:   convenzione (november 2023)
♦ Scuole alle Stimate di Verona: convenzione (december 2023)
♦ Federazione Cori Alto Adige: convenzione (january 2023)
Istituto Fortunata Gresner: convenzione (february 2023)
♦ AMBAC Verona (Associazione delle Bande Musicali, degli Assiemi e dei complessi vari): convenzione (april 2023)
Agreements are being finalized with local music schools for basic and preparatory courses

Artistic News

03 feb 2024

Vespri in Cattedrale - V edizione

3-24 febbraio 2024 Cattedrale di Verona
11 jan 2024

Exhibition "Callas e Verona. La nascita della Divina"

12 january - 28 march 2024 via Massalongo 2
28 oct 2023

Giornata della musica contemporanea 2023

Sabato 28 ottobre 2023 Società Letteraria di Verona

Didactic News

28 mar 2024

Easter 2024

Easter 2024 Buidings
14 mar 2024

Notices Erasmus for students, teachers and staff

31 genn / 17 febb 2023 - - - -

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