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Music Therapy and Young People Symposium

Music Therapy and Young People Symposium”

Simposio su Musicoterapia e Popolazione Giovanile


Verona, 5 Luglio 2014



Auditorium Montemezzi


ingresso libero fino ad esaurimento dei posti disponibili in sala

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  • 9.10 registrazione iscritti

  • 9.45 Saluti autorità

Saluti del Direttore Hugh Ward-Perkins

Saluti del Direttore del Corso M° Romildo Grion

Contributo musicale


  • 10.15 Katrina McFerran The University of Melbourne (Australia)

The enormous potential and the possible dangers of using music as therapy with teenagers

Il grande potenziale e i possibili rischi nell’uso della musica come terapia con gli adolescenti


  • 11.00 Andreas Wölfl Institute of Music Therapy at the “Freies-Musikzentrum, München e.V.” (Monaco)
    Violence prevention through music – exemplified by the music therapy program “drumpower” Musica come prevenzione alla violenza: “drumpower” un’esperienza di musicoterapia


Ore 11.45 Coffee break


  • 12.00 Suvi Saarikallio University of Jyväskylä, Department of Music (Finlandia)

Music in fostering emotional wellbeing of young people

Musica per favorire il benessere emotivo nei giovani


  • 12.45 Philippa Derrington Queen Margaret University of Edinburgh (Scozia)

Let’s go back

Riflessioni al termine di un percorso di musicoterapia


Ore 13.30 Pausa pranzo


  • 15.00 Nicky Haire Music as Therapy International’s (Scozia)

Music as Therapy International’s Project Rwanda

Progetto Rwanda: musicoterapia internazionale


  • 15.45 Brynjulf Stige University of Bergen (Norvegia)

POLYFON – a project for research, innovation and service development in music therapy with young people

POLYFON: un progetto per la ricerca, l’innovazione e lo sviluppo della musicoterapia con i giovani

Ore 16.30 Conclusioni a cura del M° Romildo Grion e Paolo Alberto Caneva



Abstract Simposio
Katrina Skewes McFerran
Wölfl Andreas

Suvi Saarikallio
Philippa Derrington
Nicky Haire
Brynjulf Stige

fotogallery Simposio Musicoterapia 2014




Katrina Skewes McFerran

Associate Professor Katrina Skewes McFerran is Head of Music Therapy at the University of Melbourne and Co-Director of the National Music Therapy Research Unit. She has conducted numerous research projects investigating the role of music therapists in supporting young people in a range of contexts, described in her first book ‘Adolescents, Music and Music Therapy’ published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2010). Katrina is Editor-in-Chief of Voices: A world forum for music therapy, with Brynjulf Stige and Susan Hadley, and is also Editor of the Australian Journal of Music Therapy. She has published in international and interdisciplinary peer reviewed journals, as well as in a range of books on music therapy.


Wölfl Andreas

Music Therapist, Psychotherapist for Children and Adolescents, Supervisor.

Music therapist in a hospital for child and adolescent psychiatry since 1989.

Practice for supervision, coaching and music therapy since 1999. Lecturer in different music therapeutic and psychotherapeutic trainings. Publications.

Head of the music therapy training BWM and the workgroup „prevention“ at the

Institut of Music Therapy at the „Freies-Musikzentrum München e.V.“.


Suvi Saarikallio

Suvi Saarikallio works as an Academy of Finland Research Fellow at the Department of Music, University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Saarikallio's research focuses on the psychosocial aspects of musical behavior, including mood and emotion, personality, development, and wellbeing. She is an internationally acknowledged expert particularly in research on music as emotional self-regulation in adolescence, and she has actively given invited lectures and published articles in international peer-reviewed journals. Saarikallio is currently leading a 5-year research project on “Music-related emotional competence and adolescent mental health”.



Philippa Derrington

Philippa is head of the MSc Music Therapy programme at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh,Scotland. She was the Music Therapy Charity research fellow for three years and her doctoral research investigated the effectiveness of music therapy for young people at risk of underachievement or exclusion. She has published her work and co-edited the book ‘Music Therapy in Schools’ (published by Jessica Kinglsey in 2012) together with Jo Tomlinson and Professor Amelia Oldfield


Nicky Haire

Nicky is the lead music therapist for Music as Therapy International’s Project Rwanda. She is a member of their Advisory Panel and currently works as a freelance music therapist and violinist in Edinburgh, UK.



Brynjulf Stige

Brynjulf Stige is Professor in Music Therapy at the University of Bergen, Norway and Head of Research at GAMUT – The Grieg Academy Music Therapy Research Centre, UoB and Uni Research Health. Stige’s research interests include the study of culture-centered music therapy and community music therapy. He was the founding editor of Nordic Journal of Music Therapy (NJMT) from 1992-2006 and he is founding co-editor of Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy (now with Susan Hadley and Katrina McFerran). E-mail: